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What is Diem Coin

What is Diem Coin?

Diem is a stable coin US dollar-backed digital currency. Facebook’s global stablecoin will start as a single coin with a value of 1:1, the same value as the US dollar. Multi currencies (EUR, GBP) within the basket will be followed at a later time.

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Uses & Benefits

Diem Coin can be use in our everyday life to buy goods and services, send Diem Coins to your friends or family, or widraw the Diem Coins into local bank. Diem Association’s goal is to provide people around the globe with better access, safe and affordable financial services. Diem Association is an independent organization located in Geneva, Switzerland.


Diem coin cryptocurrency will be available for everyone.


Diem Coins are backed by a reserve of cash and real assets.


Diem transactions are fast and secure.

For the World

The Diem payment is the future of global financial system.


Diem is an open-source with vibrant community of developers building products and services.


The Diem system is built on secured blockchain technology.

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Countries Supported

Diem Coin will be available worldwide targeting 1.7 billion unbanked population across the globe.


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